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  • What a fresh product @PantryLabs? We would love to chat about the industry. Contact us:
    2 Hours Ago
  • Advocating for our industry starts by clicking here Send your Representative a message and make your voice heard.
    4 Hours Ago
  • RT @MDLZ: #CreateJoy: Our dream is to create moments of joy and that’s what our tasty snacks do. #InternationalFriendshipDay…
    6 Hours Ago
  • Yesterday a National #SodaTax was introduced in the House. How will a soda tax affect your?
    6 Hours Ago
  • Studies show bottle water sales are up 3% this year which is contributing to healthier lifestyles. #FITPICK
    9 Hours Ago
  • What does the healthy vending resolution in Suffolk County, NY mean for you?
    11 Hours Ago
  • Soda taxes have popped on the ballot this November in California. Here's what we think about it:
    20 Hours Ago
  • RT @DrPepperSnapple: Our CEO has been in the soft drink business for more than 30 years. See more:…
    1 Days Ago
  • RT @CocaColaCo: Coca-Cola is the 2nd most recognized word in the English language. More #funfacts here: #CokeJourney…
    1 Days Ago
  • Suffolk County legislators passed a healthy vending resolution. Find out what this could mean for you:
    1 Days Ago

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Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act