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  • EDP is about making connections, discovering our industry, and learning how to lead. Watch:
    2 Hours Ago
  • RT @CarlaBalakgie: As promised--ALS donation complete and a dose of cold water to follow. Watch this space and expect a reciprocal challeng…
    8 Hours Ago
  • @DenisPKoci We can’t wait to hear. Keep us informed.
    9 Hours Ago
  • RT @CartChoice: Education is key to fighting our nation’s health challenges. Choose #education over #regulation & teach your kids about hea…
    12 Hours Ago
  • RT @GroceryMakers: We're facing profound challenges, but we face them through collaboration and education. Sweet Successes in Cocoa Sourcin…
    12 Hours Ago
  • Being a dynamic leader in our industry starts with the NAMA Executive Development Program. Sign up today→
    14 Hours Ago
  • Food is changing, where we get it, where we buy it and how its prepared. @Hadleypdxdc breaks it down.
    16 Hours Ago
  • We put the spotlight on Bill Buckholz today for his continued support for our industry.
    1 Days Ago
  • RT @GreenMtnCoffee: Who's fully stocked on their #GreenMountainCoffee for #BacktoSchool??
    1 Days Ago
  • RT @CartChoice: RT if you believe what you eat and drink is your choice. Tell the government to stay our of your grocery cart.…
    2 Days Ago

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Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act